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Fashion changes over time, but style is timeless

This sentence accompanies me when I come to design a wedding dress – which may only be worn for one evening, but should convey the right impression that will be remembered forever. The process of working with me is itself a kind of ceremony that allows you to expose yourself – tell me about you and the nature of the event. Local as a designer within the ritual is to listen, be patient, sketch, model, and breathe life into a dress that will capture and reflect your personal style.

To the work process I bring with me a deep understanding of traditional sewing techniques, alongside the construction of architectural and modern cuts. Studying in the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at Bezalel, participating in exhibitions and design competitions in Israel and around the world gave me deep inspiration from the art world that I process into a design philosophy that moves between the traditional and the modern, between the futuristic and the nostalgic. The fine fabrics, the uncompromising hand-stitching, the embroidery work, and the pearls are all woven together into the same ritual of thought, design and sewing that culminates - wearing the dress on the wedding day.

To tell the truth - from a young age I knew I would be a fashion designer because for me creation has always been a way to make dreams come true.

I would love to make your dream come true too.

Lior Charchy